If you’ve been arrested for a crime but not yet charged by the District Attorney’s Office, or perhaps you’ve been contacted by law enforcement and notified that you’re a suspect in a criminal matter, this means there is a pending investigation being conducted. This stage can be critical. Do not sit back and wait to see what happens. Do not make a statement to law enforcement without legal representation present. During this time, the police are gathering evidence against you to be presented to a prosecutor who will then make the charging decision that can have a devasting impact on your life and reputation. You do not want to go through a criminal investigation and try to defend yourself alone.

On the side of the government, the law enforcement officers who are investigating you are trained professionals. They are not your friends. It is their job to build a case against you. Do not help them. As you go through a criminal investigation, put an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney on your side to protect and defend you. If the government has trained professionals working the case, you should too. Our criminal investigation representation in Folsom can help you protect your integrity and legal rights.

Proactive Criminal Defense

An experienced Criminal Defense Attorney, like our Folsom team here at Walsh & Nguyen, can get involved at this early stage in the criminal justice process and it can make all the difference as far as what ultimately happens with the investigation and your case. We can contact law enforcement and advocate on your behalf so that your side of the story can be told without the risk of self-incrimination. We can communicate with the District Attorney’s Office and explain potential defenses that defeat criminal charges. We immediately work to start preserving necessary information for a strong legal defense. Importantly, we provide expert legal advice to our clients each step of the way to help them avoid potential mistakes and protect them from inadvertently helping the police to build a case against them.

The benefit of aggressive proactive criminal defense during the investigation phase is that prevention is better than cure. If a criminal investigation can be nipped in the bud, that is the best result for our client. If our experienced Attorneys prevent charges from being filed, this allows our client to move forward with their life sooner without having to deal with the risk and ordeal of criminal charges during a potential lengthy and uncertain court process. Also, once charges are filed, sometimes a prosecutor will be less receptive to admitting they made a mistake in filing the case and will feel the need to continue with a misguided prosecution.

Contact Us About Criminal Investigation Representation in Folsom

As former prosecutors, our experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys here at Walsh & Nguyen know how the system works. Chris Walsh is a former Chief Assistant District Attorney. Kenny Nguyen is also a former Deputy District Attorney. We know what type of information a prosecutor will look for when reviewing a case to make a charging decision. As a result of our aggressive criminal investigation representation in Folsom, we get cases rejected, or at times, less serious charges end up being filed than our clients were originally facing. If you want the very best legal defense on your side during a criminal investigation, give us a call for a free consultation today.