Driving in the Folsom area comes with many responsibilities. All motor vehicles are dangerous objects, and any collision has the potential to cause serious injuries or death. Therefore, state law requires all drivers to stop at the scene of a collision and contact the police to report injuries or property damage. Failing to follow this law or fleeing the scene of a crash is a criminal offense known as a hit and run. Even a first offense could create a criminal record, require the payment of hefty fines, and result in a jail sentence.

Fortunately, a Folsom hit and run lawyer may be able to help when you face accusations of fleeing the scene of an accident. Our dedicated defense attorneys could investigate the details of the crash and help you protect your legal rights.

The Requirements to Stop After Damaging Property

Every collision involving a motor vehicle is a serious matter. Even at low speeds, cars can impart massive force onto other vehicles, passengers, and pedestrians. As a result, it is a rare that a collision does not involve some form of property damage or personal injury.

According to California Vehicle Code § 20002, a driver who believes they are involved in an accident resulting in property damage must immediately stop. In addition, a driver must notify the relevant property owner about the damage or leave a note for the owner and contact law enforcement.

Failure to comply with this requirement is a criminal misdemeanor. According to state law, conviction for a hit and run that involves property damage cannot result in more than six months in jail, a fine of more than $1,000, or both. If you need help defending against these penalties, a dedicated Folsom attorney could investigate your hit and run case and devise a strategy for moving forward.

The Consequences of a Hit and Run Involving Physical Injury or Death

Being accused of a hit and run that involves property damage is already a criminal offense, but the case can become even more serious if the accident in question involves physical injury or death. According to CA Veh. Code § 20001, a driver involved in a collision that results in another person getting hurt must remain at the scene of the accident. In addition, this driver must provide identifying information to the occupants of the other vehicle and submit an incident report to law enforcement if police offers do not directly respond to the scene.

A conviction for a hit and runs that results in injuries or death is serious because state law classifies this offense as a felony. Conviction for a felony hit and run can result in a sentence of at least one year in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. In the most severe instances, a sentence could be as long as four years. While these charges are severe, a hardworking lawyer in Folsom could defend against allegations of felony hit and run to help you minimize the impact of your case.

Let a Folsom Hit and Run Attorney Defend You in Court

Hit and run incidents are serious matters under state law. If you were accused of failing to stop at the scene of a vehicle accident, you might be facing jail time, fines, and other steep consequences.

Thankfully, a Folsom hit and run lawyer could help you protect your rights and integrity after acing these allegations. Our legal team could investigate the seriousness of the accident, argue that you were at risk of serious harm by staying at the scene, or demonstrate that you attempted to contact law enforcement. Reach out to an attorney today to hear more about how they are ready to help you.