Walsh & Nguyen was started by two former prosecutors to provide the highest quality legal representation in criminal defense and personal injury cases. After years spent in the public sector these experienced litigators use their knowledge of the legal system to fight for you! Chris Walsh is a former Chief Assistant District Attorney. He has been an attorney for 18 years and has broad experience in the field of criminal law. He is a highly accomplished trial lawyer and has personally taken to jury over 100 trials including homicide, sexual assault, gang, assault, and driving under the influence cases. Kenny Nguyen is a former prosecutor who has handled thousands of DUI cases. He also has a background in personal injury litigation and specializes in representing people hurt in car accidents, as well as victims of crime, and fights to get them financial justice.

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Examples of Common Criminal Defense Charges

Most criminal allegations in Folson fall into one of two categories: misdemeanors and felonies. By definition, a misdemeanor under California Penal Code 19 is an offense where the maximum possible penalty is 364 days in jail, a fine of up to $1000 or both. Common examples include:

  • Low-level assaults
  • Criminal trespassing
  • Drug possession cases

More serious allegations rise to the level of felonies. These are accusations where a conviction can bring at least one year in prison. Felony crimes involve accusations alleging violence against others or severe damage to the public interest. Common examples of felony allegations include:

  • Drug distribution
  • Assaults involving the use of weapons
  • Sexual assault or sex crimes
  • Theft of valuable objects
  • Homicides

Regardless of the exact nature of the criminal charges that a defendant faces, a hardworking defense lawyer in Folsom could help. Our skilled legal representatives could help you fully understand the allegations that a prosecutor brings and formulate defenses designed to defeat those cases in court.

what our clients say
Jason P.

I was found in an unfortunate situation which led me to find legal representation. After a recommendation from a friend, I decided to go with Walsh and Nguyen. Their office was clean and well-maintained. I was greeted with a warm welcome and a short tour of their office. Unlike most lawyers I was looking for, they were straight shooters and formulated an effective strategy to resolve my case. Long story short, they were able to resolve my issue after the first hearing. I felt that the service they provided was top notch. They ensured that my needs were on the top of their priority list and their attention to detail was second to none. I have little to no knowledge in law and the way they were explaining the strategy was clear and very easy to understand. If you need representation in the Sacramento and Nevada county, I HIGHLY recommend going to them. Their experience as former district attorneys allows them to give you advice and strategies that will allow them to win your case.


Last year I fell on hard times legally and was at a loss because I’d never hired a lawyer before. After speaking to several attorneys I’m happy I picked Chris and his team. They make it known that your in good hands and that you're not just a dollar sign. Throughout the whole legal process, Chris and his team were kind, professional, and invested in my legal victory. My case was very challenging but due to Walsh and Nguyen’s experience as district attorneys all charges were dropped.They have earned a customer for life

Mark B.

I have been practicing law and have known Chris Walsh for over 20 years. Most lawyers never actually go to trial. Very few are actually good at it. Since the first day that Chris walked into court he has been focused on being the best trial lawyer that he can possibly be. He is one of a handful of truly great trial lawyers that I personally know here in California. I've sat across from him at the poker table and have seen him in court. He knows when opposing counsel is reluctant to take a case to trial and how much he can push to get a good resolution. If he can get a better result for his client, he will take it to trial because he has the confidence that comes from years of winning big cases. You are making a great choice if you hire Walsh & Nguyen. They care about their clients and they are good at what they do.

Jay P.

Insurance companies can be a pain to deal with. I felt that they were really lowballing me and almost had no choice but to take what they were offering me. Luckily, a good friend of mine referred me to the services of Walsh and Nguyen. They came in at the nick of time and saved the day. Attorney Kenny Nguyen came through and got me a large settlement that I couldn't have gotten myself. With his attention to detail, great customer service, extensive knowledge of the law, and adept negotiation skills, I believe it is safe to say that Kenny Nguyen is the best personal injury attorney in the Nevada County area. If you're in a bind, especially with personal injury cases, I highly recommend going to Walsh and Nguyen.

Jimmy T.

I wanted the best criminal defense attorney to represent me in my criminal case. I called Walsh and Nguyen because they were former prosecutors so I knew they were experienced trial attorneys who understood all aspects of the justice system. I spoke to Chris Walsh who was very knowledgeable about my charges and assured me that I was in good hands with Walsh and Nguyen. Attorney Kenny Nguyen went to court with me, won an evidentiary hearing, and my case was ultimately dismissed for lack of sufficient evidence. Attorney Walsh updated me throughout the duration of my case. Excellent customer service. I was lucky to have both experienced lawyers work on my case to achieve the win. It was like I got two super lawyers for the price of one. I’m thankful for Walsh & Nguyen for getting me the win. They were worth every dime.

Ben P.

Chris Walsh a highly quailed and knowledgeable individual with an in depth understanding of his practice. Mr. Walsh went above and beyond throughout the representation process. He communicated very clearly every step of the way, was always available and willing to answer questions and has even assisted me with matters after the fact. I highly recommend his services.

Steve K.

I used Chris Walsh as an attorney for a work related matter and a possible criminal matter. He also represented me in a frivolous restraining order hearing. As you I can see, I keep going back. He's very understanding, treats you with respect, and listens to you. Great attorney. Great guy. Ok beard lol

Sanjay G.
We were rear ended in an car accident, very minor accident but Mr Nguyen helped to understand details and he talked very nicely and explained the nuances of accident and law

I am very satisfied with the settlement that Walsh and Nguyen won. It took some time for the other insurance company to come to its senses which included the filing of a lawsuit, but the result was well worth it when they finally offered a 7 figure settlement. Amazing work, great customer service. Kenny Nguyen is the best personal injury attorney around. He is aggressive and is confident in court. I would recommend this law firm.

Ryan G.

Highly recommend Mr. Walsh’s services. From the start, Mr. Walsh was very personable and professional. He went above and beyond while representing me and made himself available at all times. I was dealing with a criminal matter that was definitely an uphill battle but Mr. Walsh was with me every step of the process and kept his word. Can’t thank him enough.

Patrick K.
Kenny Nguyen is the best DUI lawyer in the world!!!! Walked out of court with a $200 fine. Unbelievable that happened to my son and this is the guy who did it. My son was charged with a DUI second offense and walked away from the courthouse with a fine and the DUI was dismissed. I love this guy and he would be my lawyer any day -  thank you so much Kenny.
Chris Z.
Mr. Walsh is a great attorney with in depth knowledge on how to navigate the local court system. I recommend him to all the people in the local area who needs a good attorney.
Molly V.
Chris was so wonderful to speak to and has such a kind heart. I highly recommend if you need someone as a victim to represent you.
Stephanie L.
If you are ever in a situation where you need legal support Walsh & Nguyen should be your top choice. Chris has been amazing. Throughout our entire ordeal he assured us and made us feel secure in our position during this tough situation. Aside from the emotional and mental support he provided you can see just how professional and how much knowledge Chris has in this subject. He knew what steps to take and he prompted us to take certain precautions to ensure that everything turned out okay. In the end we got the resolution we knew would be the outcome but ensuring that you have knowledgeable experts is really the key in making sure things go the right way. All in all I would highly recommend Chris and Walsh & Nguyen. Don’t hesitate and don’t think about the price, it’s worth it.
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